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Little useless-useful R functions – Making scatter plot from an image

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Taking a jpg image and converting it to raster, getting pixelized data manipulation of the image and plot a scatter image.

Sound like another useless R function, that can produce a scatter plot in a shape of a logo with a smooth curve.

Example with Amazon logo

So the function is using the image manipulation part:

img % image_quantize(max=2, colorspace = 'gray', dither=TRUE) %>% image_scale(geometry = geometry_size_pixels(width=25, height=20, preserve_aspect=FALSE)) # Image manipulation
mat 180))

Second part consists of data transformation to dataframe:

# Melt data

and last part is a simple ggplot scatter plot:

# draw scatter

As always, complete code is available at Github.

And some examples with famous logos:

And you can see the pattern 🙂


Happy R-ing! And stay healthy.

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