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Why R? Webinar – Me, Myself and my Rprofile

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This Thursday September 17 we are lauching another [][] entitled Me, Myself and my Rprofile

2020-09-17 Me, Myself and my Rprofile

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  • date: every Thursday 8:00 pm UTC+2
  • format: 45 minutes long talk streamed on YouTube + 10 minutes for Q&A
  • comments: ask questions on YouTube live chat

Sydeaka Watson Data Science for Social Justice. Video

John Blischak Reproducible research with workflowr: a framework for organizing, versioning, and sharing your data analysis projects. Video

JD Long Taking friction out of R: helping drive data science adoption in organizations. Video

Leon Eyrich Jessen In Silico Immunology: Neural Networks for Modelling Molecular Interactions using Tensorflow via Keras in R. Video

Erin Hodgess Using R with High Performance Tools on a Windows Laptop. Video

Julia Silge Understanding Word Embeddings. Video

Bernd Bischl, Florian Pfisterer and Martin Binder Pipelines and AutoML with mlr3. Video

Mateusz Zawisza + Armin Reinert Uplift modeling for marketing campaigns. Video

Erin LeDell – Scalable Automatic Machine Learning in R with H2O AutoML. Video

Ahmadou Dicko – Humanitarian Data Analysis with R. Video

Dr. Nina Zumel and Dr. John Mount from win-vectorAdvanced Data Preparation for Supervised Machine Learning. Video

Lorenzo BraschirZYPAD: Development pipeline for R production. Video

Robin Lovelace and Jakub Nowosad (authors of Geocomputation with R) – Recent changes in R spatial and how to be ready for them. Video

Heidi Seibold, Department of Statistics (collaboration with LMU Open Science Center) (University of Munich) – Teaching Machine Learning online. Video

Olgun Aydin – PwC PolandIntroduction to shinyMobile. Video

Achim Zeileis from Universität InnsbruckR/exams: A One-for-All Exams Generator – Online Tests, Live Quizzes, and Written Exams with R. Video


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